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This Burning Day

декември 14, 2019 @ 22:00

This Burning Day plays modern, melodic, progressive metal-core, transmitting positive energy in a musically and lyrically elaborated and emotional way. Some call it “+ melo-core”, where the constructive sign is a self-explanatory but important addition.
Inspired by a variety of popular music genres and artists (both “modern” and “classical”) the band emphasizes on musical atmosphere and aims to evoke a strong, affectionate appeal.

Vigorously enjoying their music, the band members radiate with expressive presence, adding to the overall sense of a collective experience and a mutual exchange of positive energy between band and fans.
The name of the band relates to the importance of the present day both as a personal focus of everyone as well as in a global aspect of the world in this time of social, economical and psychological change.
This Burning Day promote an open and constructive mind setting, where self-awareness responsibility, intelligent social behavior and interaction all blend together in a few simple messages:
– Love and respect yourself first and then – your fellow humans!
– Express your feelings, be yourself, be natural, be an individual!
– Support innovation and progress for human, environmental and economic development!
– Explore, create, be active and smile!
… and start doing it as of Now – the time has come and already almost passed.


декември 14, 2019


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